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Troy Infotech is a leading training and career development company that aims to grow the careers of students swiftly and with a definite trajectory. We take absolute pride in sharing with you that we have been awarded as one of the best Software Training Institute in Chennai.

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Support while choosing an ideal course - Team Work

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Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Focus on efficiency, Always accessible to the trainers during the course with One-to-one discussions

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Ample Lectures and Practical classes encourages to passionately learn your chosen course program

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Guidance during the entire term of course Interview-ready upon completion of the course

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We began this purposeful journey 10 years ago, in Pallavaram. Our journey is filled with success stories that have built the careers on innumerable IT professionals. We focus on developing & delivering only the best and effective training methods in our classrooms. We propel with the motive of encouraging the youth to choose excellence over average, from the moment they enroll. Our teachers guide them to understand & evaluate the available options and make the most competitive and ambitious career choice.

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Troy Infotech, with over 10 years of experience has assisted engineering students, graduates and other non IT candidates launch their career victoriously. We support our trainees with the necessary technical expertise until the completion of the course, which allows them to have a profession with an advantageous start in the software industry.

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Our experience means, that we have a good understanding of the past changes of the software industry and hence we are well equipped to create effective and dynamic curriculum. We strive to create highly skilled technical resources that can drive industries into countless new horizons of developments with the help of our quality software training programs. Troy Infotech was conceived with an aim to train candidates effectively and we have succeeded in training more than 30000+ aspirants across India, that are well-placed in superior positions in various leading MNCs.

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We have a team of faculty that have 8+ years of experience in teaching. Our faculty use lectures and practical classes in appropriate combination to deliver the course effectively and on time. Our team has a detailed action plan, conceived and perfected with years of research and development. We inspire our trainees every step of the way in the search for their ideal careers and jobs. 

                Faculties in Troy Infotech are proficient enough to spot the strengths of the trainees under their wing and offer support and guidance in steering their interests & careers in the right direction. They are true leaders with ample conviction that put the interests of the students’ career in IT/Software industry as a priority. They encourage our trainees to learn from concepts/skills used by demonstrations during the class. Working as a team and as an individual during the course is reinforced to make them ideal candidates during a future/prospective interview, upon successful completion of the training. Our practical classes are designed to allow the students to think critically or solve problems effectively. 




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