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Troy Infotech provides a complete real-time and placement focused AngularJS Training in Chennai. Our AngularJS training course in Chennai comprises of basic to advanced level concepts and our AngularJS Training in Chennai is intended to get the placement in top MNC companies as fast as once you complete the AngularJS Training Course.


Troy Infotech, the AngularJS Training Center in Chennai is well-equipped with advanced lab facilities and outstanding infrastructure. We also offer AngularJS Certification Training path for our candidates. Through our associated AngularJS Training in Chennai, we have educated more than 200+ AngularJS students and delivered above 95% placement. Our AngularJS Training fee is value for money and tailor-made classes based on the every student’s training needs.


Our AngularJS  experts are AngularJS certified experts and above 10 years of experience with hands on real time AngularJS projects awareness. We have planned our AngularJS Training content and syllabus mainly depending on students need for achieve everybody’s career goal.We deliver the Best AngularJS Training in Chennai to the most wanted candidates. We provide demonstrations whenever you need. Course manuals are given to the students in the training session itself. By the end of this training course, we make the MNC Industry ready candidates for attaining the best career opportunity in the top companies by cracking the interview process.


We are the top-ranked institute in providing the excellent AngularJS Training in Chennai with placement for students who are completing the course successfully. Certification is basically given after the course completion. We offer both AngularJS Online Training and Classroom training to the candidates by the experts who has relevant AngularJS experience from our institute.


Course Description

AngularJS is basically a modern JavaScript framework which is used for building web-based functionality in desktop & mobile browsers. In this training course, you gain the skills for integrating AngularJS directives and expressions into HTML5 markup, writing AngularJS controllers and services, building feature-rich Single Page Applications (SPAs), and harnessing AngularJS services and animating applications to construct an interactive UI (User Interface).


Our AngularJS Training course by Troy Infotceh is a full introduction to Angular including all the main components with the implementation concepts. During this training course, you will be able to build a live project against an open API and get to know AngularJS through practical, live exercises with an experienced trainer on hand to answer any type of questions.


You will all the concepts starting from Angular 2 upto Angular 6, the advanced concept in Angular JS at our training program.


Course Objective

The following are the course objectives of Angular JS course:
Understanding the design of single-page applications and how AngularJS facilitates their development
Properly separate the model, view, and controller layers of your application and implementing them by using AngularJS
Mastering in the AngularJS expressions, filters, and scopes
Building the Angular forms
Elegantly implementing Ajax in your AngularJS applications
Writing the AngularJS directives
Unit testing and doing end-to-end testing on your AngularJS applications

Angular JS  Training In Chennai Course Syllabus:


Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework & AngularJS

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Uses of AngularJS
  • Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Write your first program in Angular JS
  • Comparison between JavaScript Frameworks


Dependency Injection and Controllers

  • Creating Controllers
  • Two Way Binding
  • Sharing data between Controllers
  • Inheritance
  • Dependency Injection


Route, Directive and Filters

  • Why use Routes
  • Creating Routes
  • Nested Routes
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Creating Directives and Filters


Creating Custom Directives and Filters

  • Custom Directives
  • Why Custom Directives
  • Creating and Using Custom Directives
  • Custom Filters
  • Creating and Using Custom Filters

Third Party AngularJS Modules and Testing Angular

  • Modules & its necessities
  • Usage of angular-ui
  • Usage of ng-grid
  • Usage of angular-translate and Testing AngularJS

AngularJS with Node.js, Yeoman and Rest Exposure

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Introduction to Yo Generator
  • Bower, Rest Exposure
  • Web Sockets and Push Notification

Angular 2 and Angular 2 CLI

  • Getting Started
  • Components, Templates & Databinding
  • Course Project – Components & Databinding
  • Directives
  • Course Project – Directives
  • Services & Dependency Injection
  • Course Project – Services & Dependency Injection
  • Routing
  • Course Project – Routing
  • Forms
  • Course Project – Forms
  • Pipes
  • Http
  • Course Project – Http
  • Authentication & Route Protection
  • Deploying an Angular 2 Application
  • Angular 2 CLI
  • Custom Project & Workflow Setup
  • Course Roundup

AngularJs 4.0

  • AngularJS 4.0 – New Features
  • AngularJS 4.0 Advance Implementation

Angular 5

  • Getting Started with Angular 5
  • The Basics of Angular 5
  • Databinding & Directive Concepts
  • Advanced Component and Databinding
  • Advance Directive Concepts
  • Understanding Services and Implementing Dependency Injection
  • Routing in Angular 5
  • Observables in Angular 5
  • Forms in Angular 5
  • Template Driven Approach
  • Reactive Form Approach
  • Exploring Pipes in Angular 5
  • Making HTTP Requests in Angular 5
  • Authentication & Route Protection in Angular Apps
  • Typescript Introduction
  • Project

Angular 6

  • ES6, TypeScript, Angular-CLI and Angular Components
  • Providers, Dependency Injection, Observables
  • Providers and Dependency Injection
  • Understanding the role of the Provider
  • Understanding the injector tree
  • Creating and using a class provider (service)
  • Other provider strategies
  • Configuring providers
  • Observables and RxJS
  • Subscription
  • RxJS Operators
  • Creating Subjects and Observables
  • HttpClient
  • Http requests (GET, PUT, POST)
  • Configuring headers
  • Interceptors
  • Progress events
  • Angular Router
  • Setting up the router
  • Navigation
  • Child routes
  • Routing params
  • Lazy loading
  • Guards and hooks
  • Angular Modules, directives and Pipes
  • Angular Forms
  • State management with ngRx


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Real-Time Practical Training

You will get the real-time project experience on our training. We provide more practical training classes preferred by the candidates. Our practical oriented training will inspire all the participants.

Assured Placement Assistance

We are the pioneer in providing the assured placement assistance for the participants after their course completion.

Certified Trainers

Learning made easy by our certified trainers who fulfills the needs of the candidates in that particular course. Your knowledge will be transformed into expertise level by our trainers.

Internship Training

We provide internship training effectively for our participants which are highly helpful for their professional career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend AngularJS Training Course?

The following can attend this Angular JS course:

  • Web Developers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Aspirants willing to develop skills in creating SPA
  • Students and Fresher’s with Programming knowledge

Why this Course?

  • Ease of coding in Angular Js will increase more joiners in this course. It is also one of the current technology which is expected by the top IT companies.
  • Rapid Code development is seen in Angular JS. This increases its usage in top industries across various business Verticals.
  • It is an UI based application coding tool which is used to develop more website applications.
  • More job opportunities are available after the completion of this course.
  • You will get High salary Jobs in Angular JS.
  • Financial Institutions, Insurance Sectors, Government Sectors are all using Angular 5 technology that steadily roll-out multiple services to the customers.

What you will learn?

You will learn & become expert in the following concepts:


  • Design single page applications and facilitate their development
  • Properly separate model, view, and controller layers from the application and implement them with AngularJS
  • Master AngularJS expressions, filters, and scopes
  • Build Angular forms
  • Elegantly implement Ajax in the AngularJS applications
  • Write AngularJS directives
  • Unit test and end-to-end test your AngularJS applications

What are the Career Opportunities available in Angular JS?

The following are the job opportunities you will get:


  • Lead AngularJS
  • Senior DotNet Developer – AngularJS
  • Senior Web Developer – AngularJS
  • Angular JS Developer
  • Front-end Web Developers -AngularJS

What Are The Pre-Requisites For Learning the Angular JS Course?

Good working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS is required quickly grasp the contents of this course.

TROY Course Duration For AngularJS Training In Chennai

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

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