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Troy Infotech gives 100% real-time, reasonable and placement centered Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai. Our Apache Cassandra course in Chennai concentrates from basic level training to advanced level training. Our Apache Cassandra Training Institutes in Chennai is totally engaged to get placement in MNC in Chennai.After the certification on Apache Cassandra & after finishing of our CASSANDRA course we will provide good placement training & assistance. Our groups of Apache Cassandra trainers are certified Apache Cassandra experts with all the more real-time knowledge in real-time projects. Our Apache Cassandra course syllabus is sufficient for any individual who needs to get Apache Cassandra Certification Training in Chennai which actually meets the industry expectations. In our course design, you will learn basic to advanced concepts in Apache Cassandra with useful activities and real-time examples.


Our Apache Cassandra Training center in Chennai is furnished with best lab offices and superb foundation. We are additionally providing Apache Cassandra certification training way for our students in Chennai. Through our associated Apache Cassandra training center, we have trained more than 1000+ Apache Cassandra students and gave 99% placement. We are the institute providing the excellent Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai with placement for our students. Our Apache Cassandra Training course fee is less in cash and tailor-made course charge in light as per every student’s training necessities. Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai led on day time classes, weekend classes, evening batch classes and fast track instructional classes for the students.

Furthermore, our training center is the notable Apache Cassandra training center in Chennai with high tech lab facilities. We also give access of servers to the students with the goal that hopefully actualize the tasks at home effectively by the students. More than 1000+ competitors are coached by our institute in Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai at exceptionally moderate charges.In addition to that, our Campus is built-in with multi-facility class rooms with installed projectors. So that, the candidates can better understand the topic in the better way. We are having strong associations with top organizations like HCL, Dell, Birlasoft, TechMahindra, Wipro, TCS, IBM etc. make us capable to place our students in top MNCs across the world.


Troy Infotech is one of the best Apache Cassandra training center in Chennai providing the training with 100% placement support. We have placed thousands of students according to their skills and area of interest that makes us student’s preferred Apache Cassandra training institute in Chennai. We closely monitor the growth of students in our training and assist them in increasing their performance and level of knowledge in Apache Cassandra.


Course Description

Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database which is designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. It is basically a type of NoSQL database. We will first understand what a NoSQL database does in this course. It mainly provides the highly available service with no single point of failure.

Apache Cassandra training courses by Troy Infotech will be demonstrated through interactive discussion and it will give hands-on practice with the principles, architecture and data model of Cassandra, and data modeling in CQL (Cassandra Query Language).


Course Objective

This course actually goes with the main goal to understand the main key concepts:

You will know about Cassandra Data Model
Expiring column and TTL (Time to Live)
You will know about Cassandra Environment
Full Understanding of Cassandra Architecture
Creating Sample Application in Cassandra
Configuring, Reading & Writing Data in Cassandra
Integrating Cassandra with the help of Hadoop

Apache Cassandra Training In Chennai Course Syllabus:




  • Limitations of RDMS solutions.
  • NOSQL databases.
  • Common characteristics of NoSQL databases.
  • CAP theorem.
  • What is Cassandra?
  • History of Cassandra.
  • Features of Cassandra.




  • Downloading Apache Cassandra distribution
  • Preparing the environment – Installing Java , Configuring ports
  • Installing Cassandra using package and tarball installation
  • Explain about the main configuration files in Cassandra
  • Understanding required directory permissions
  • Starting Cassandra and checking status
  • Accessing Cassandra log files




  • Understanding the analogies between RDBMS and Cassandra data model
  • Understanding following database elements
  • Cluster
  • Keyspace
  • Column Family/table
  • Column
  • Understanding Static and dynamic tables
  • Understanding the primary key
  • Understanding compound primary keys and clustering.




  • Understanding That Cassandra Is a Distributed Database
  • Key Cassandra elements
  • Memtable
  • Commit log
  • SSTables
  • Learn how Cassandra replicates data
  • Learning Gossip protocol & Detecting failures
  • Learning What Snitch Is For
  • Learning What Gossip Is For
  • Understanding consistency level
  • Understanding repair
  • Understanding incremental repair




  • Defining a keyspace
  • Deleting a keyspace
  • Understanding Replication Factor
  • Hands ON/Demo




  • Validation Summary
  • Required Field Validator
  • Compare Validator
  • Range Validator
  • Regular Expression Validator
  • Custom Validator




  • Using INSERT INTO command
  • Using COPY command
  • Hands ON/Demo




  • Update and delete are also inserts
  • Updating data
  • Understanding tombstones
  • Deleting data
  • Using TTL
  • Updating a TTL
  • Hands ON/Demo




  • How to choose appropriate hardware
  • memory,CPU, disks, number of nodes, and network.




  • Understanding Cassandra nodes.
  • Specifying seed nodes.
  • Bootstrapping a node.
  • Adding a node in Cluster.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Create a cluster containing one node. Bootstrap a new node in the cluster




  • Decommissioning a node.
  • Removing a dead node.
  • Putting a node back into service.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Decommission a node from the cluster.




  • Understanding repair.
  • Understanding read repair.
  • What is new in incremental repair.
  • Run a Repair Operation.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Repair a cluster using nodetool utility.




  • Creating a Snapshot
  • Restoring from a Snapshot
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Create backup as part of this hands-on. Restore from the backup to recover data.




  • Configure system.log file.
  • Configure cassandra.log file.
  • Configure gc.log file.




  • Multi Data Center support in Cassandra.
  • Changing snitch type.
  • Modifying cassandra-rackdc.properties.
  • Changing Replication Strategy.




  • Understanding Cassandra monitoring tools.
  • Using Nodetool Utility.
  • Using JConsole.
  • Learning about OpsCenter.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Use nodetool utility to manage the cluster. Connect JConsole to cluster and monitor JMX statistics.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Apache Cassandra Training Course?

The following can attend this Apache Cassandra course:


  • Professionals looking for a career in Cassandra
  • Project Managers
  • IT Developers
  • Testing professionals
  • Graduates looking to upgrade their skills to Cassandra Databases
  • Analyst /Researcher
  • Students and Fresher’s with Programming knowledge

Why this Apache Cassandra Course ?

The following points will show you why top companies prefer Apache Cassandra:


  • Effectively handles Real-time Analytics Workload.
  • It supports heavy writing operations due to its intensive writing database
  • Its overall performance exceeds those of the normal nosql databases.
  • It excels in determining which partition to look for in the data and stores the data in sorted form in the tables.
  • More job opportunities for Cassandra
  • High salary Jobs availability in Cassandra

What will you learn in Apache Cassandra ?

You will learn & become expert in the following concepts:


  • Creating Sample Application in Cassandra
  • Configuring, Reading and Writing Data in Cassandra
  • Integrating Cassandra with Hadoop
  • Cassandra Data Model
  • Cassandra Environment
  • Understanding Cassandra Architecture

What are the Career Opportunities you will get ?

The following are the job opportunities you will get:


  • Lead Apache Cassandra
  • Lead Software Engineer-Apache Cassandra
  • Senior Technical Architech-Apache Cassandra
  • Deputy Manager-Apache Cassandra
  • Cassandra Developer
  • Devops Engineer-Apache Cassandra
  • Java Developer-Apache Cassandra

What are the Pre-requisites of the course ?

There are no specific prerequisites for Cassandra Training. However the following will be an added advantage:


  • Functional knowledge on LINUX.
  • Operational experience on database and JAVA.
  • This module is designed keeping in view the end user.

TROY Course Duration For Apache Cassandra Training In Chennai

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

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