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Best Apache Sqoop Training in Chennai

Troy Infotech, the best Apache Sqoop Training institute in Chennai provides interactively designed Apache Sqoop training. We designed our course content not only to gain theoretical knowledge but also helps the participants in discovering & doing research in the subject. Taking Apache Sqoop course at Troy Infotech will make participants efficient in using Apache Sqoop in real life business scenarios.In our Apache Sqoop Training in Chennai, the course contents are specially designed accordingly to meet the current Industrial needs. We have kept our course fee as reasonable one so that anyone can easily afford it.



Our Apache Sqoop training course in Chennai includes basic to advanced level concepts and our Apache Sqoop course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in Chennai as quickly as once you complete the Apache Sqoop training course from our institute. Our Apache Sqoop trainers are Apache Sqoop certified experts & they are experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Apache Sqoop projects knowledge. We have designed our Apache Sqoop course content and syllabus based on students requirement for achieving their career goal. In our Apache Sqoop training program, you will learn Apache Sqoop real time project along with Apache Sqoop placement training.



Our best Apache Sqoop course in Chennai at Troy Infotech is the comprehensive and training intensive course that helps the students in gaining sound knowledge on the fundamentals, principles and techniques. They would also be exposed to real time work environment in the form of real-time projects as well. The Apache Sqoop Training course is designed by industry experts and taught by our talented consultants/ trainers. Apart from this the students get to interact with the technology experts who would give them insights on the actual application of the concepts in the developing applications at our training institute.



On successful completion of this exhaustive training course students would placement assistance as well. Our institute is the best in providing the real-time Apache Sqoop Training in Chennai with placement assistance for our students & our class timings will be more flexible for the students which will be conducted in both the weekdays & weekends.


Course Description

Apache Sqoop is basically an open-source command-line interface application for transfer the bulk data between Hadoop & Relational Databases. Sqoop is an automated set of volume data transfer tool which actually allows to simply import, export of data from structured based data which stores NoSql systems, relational databases and enterprise data warehouses to Hadoop ecosystems. Sqoop mainly occupies a place in the Hadoop eco-system to provide feasible interaction between the relational database server and Hadoop’s HDFS. It is basically built on top of HDFS. Sqoop actually imports the data from RDBMS into Hadoop and exports from Hadoop to RDBMS. It is used with main RDBMS such as DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, etc. It also provides multiple features like full or incremental load, import and export, compression, controlling parallelism, etc. Sqoop is used by Big Data analysts, ETL developers, Database administrator professionals in the IT field.

Sqoop has the following features listed below:

  • JDBC based implementation are moreover used
  • Auto generation of tedious user side code is done
  • Integration with hive is done
  • Extensible Backend is created

Troy Infotech is the renowned training institute providing one of the best Apache Sqoop Training Course in Chennai. Don’t loose any opportunity that makes you to shine. Join our institute to achieve your career goals.


Course Objective

After the end of the training course, students will be familiar with the following:

They will be having a complete knowledge of Sqoop component in Hadoop
They can able to work on Sqoop related Project independently
They can able to Setup/Install/Configure Sqoop in Dev/Support/Test environment
They can able to understand architecture of Sqoop and various operations performed on it
They can be familiar with standard solutions

Apache Sqoop Training In Chennai Course Syllabus:

Overview of Sqoop Syllabus

  • Introduction to Sqoop
  • What is Sqoop
  • Where is Sqoop Used
  • Advantages of Sqoop
  • Who should use Sqoop
  • Sqoop Import
  • Sqoop Import and Export
  • Customizing Import and Export Process
  • Introduction to Installation

Introduction to scoop

  • What is SCOOP?
  • Why choose SCOOP?
  • How SCOOP works?

Environment Setup

  • Installing Hortonworks Data Platform Sandbox FOR WINDOWS PC USERS ONLY
  • Installing Hadoop & SQOOP on Machine FOR MAC/LINUX USERS
  • Connecting to HDP Sandbox Shell
  • Get to know SQOOP CLI
  • What is my Hostname?
  • Load Data into MySQL Database
  • Data Setup for Exercises
  • Let’s Understand Your Data

Using Command Aliases

Controlling the Hadoop Installation

Using Generic and Specific Arguments

Using Options Files to Pass Arguments

Apache Sqoop Import

  • Importing a Simple MySQL Table into Hadoop HDFS
  • Importing a MySQL Table with Custom Name into Hadoop
  • Controlling Paralellism in SQOOP Import Flow
  • Overwriting Existing Data on Hadoop while Importing
  • Appending to Existing Data on Hadoop while Importing
  • Loading only specific columns from MySQL table into Hadoop
  • Importing MySQL tables with No Primary keys in them
  • Running SQOOP Import in Debug mode
  • How to import & Store Data in AVRO Format on Hadoop

Sqoop Export

  • Purpose of Sqoop export
  • Syntax
  • Inserts vs. Updates
  • Exports and Transactions
  • Failed Exports

Sqoop Merge (Tool to Combine Datasets in Sqoop)

  • Introduction to Sqoop Merge and its Purpose
  • Sqoop Merge Syntax & Arguments
  • Conclusion

Sqoop Eval (Commands and Query Evaluation in Sqoop)

  • Objective
  • What is Sqoop Eval
  • Why Sqoop Eval
  • Syntax of Sqoop Eval
  • Sqoop Eval Commands
  • Select Query Evaluation in Sqoop Eval
  • Insert Query Evaluation
  • Conclusion


Take A Look At Our Apache Sqoop Training Course

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend This Apache Sqoop Course?

The following can attend this Apache Sqoop course:

  • Any IT experienced Professional who is interested to work on IT job related to Data Science, Hadoop, Bigdata, etc.
  • Professionals from varied fields like for analytics and ETL development can also options for acquiring information about this tool.
  • Students and Fresher’s with Programming knowledge

Why this Course?

  • The following points will show you why top companies prefer Apache Sqoop:
  • Incremental Load
  • Parallel import and export
  • Import results for SQL query
  • Connectors used for all major RDBMS Databases
  • Security Integration
  • Load data directly into HIVE/HBase
  • It is a Niche skill which is expected by the industry.
  • More job opportunities are available after the completion of this course.
  • You will get High salary Jobs in this domain.

What will you learn?

You will learn & become expert in the following concepts:

  • Complete knowledge of Sqoop component in Hadoop
  • Able to work on Sqoop related Project independently
  • Setup and Configure Sqoop in Support and Test environment
  • Understand architecture of Sqoop and various operations performed on it
  • Familiar with standard solutions

Career Opportunities ?

The following are the job opportunities you will get:

  • Lead Big Data Engineer -Sqoop
  • Senior Director of Engineering- Sqoop
  • Director of Engineering- Sqoop
  • Hadoop Administrator – Sqoop
  • Big Data Engineer- Sqoop

Course Pre-requisites :

The Apache Sqoop course can be learnt by any IT professional having basic knowledge of:

  • Unix and Linux Operating System
  • Core Java
  • Database concepts of SQL

TROY Course Duration For Apache Sqoop Training In Chennai

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

What Our Students Say

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