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Best Apache Storm Training in Chennai

Troy Infotech is one of the best Apache Storm Training Institute in Chennai. Apache Storm Training is provided according to current industry standards which is enables one to land on their dream jobs in top companies of the world. Troy Infotech is a well-renowned training center providing the best Apache Storm training in Chennai. We impart practical knowledge through live project training. The course curriculum for Apache Storm comprises of Big Data Overview, Introduction To Storm, Installation and Configuration, Storm Advanced Concepts, Storm Interfaces, Storm Trident and real-time projects along with Apache Storm Developer Associate placement training.



Apache Storm Training course in Chennai at Troy Infotech is provided by corporate experts having experience of more than 8+ years in live project training. Apache Storm Training comprises of both online and offline which also includes practical sessions. It allows students to understand and deal with difficult and complex situations they may face when they enter the reality of the IT industry.

Troy Infotech is an excellent Apache Storm Training Institute in Chennai with great infrastructure and newly-designed labs which enables one to practice and pursue various courses at Troy Infotech. We train thousands of students every year from every corner of the world in Apache Storm to adjust everyone’s needs. We believe in practice what you preach and thus the Apache Storm Training at Troy Infotech in Chennai involves “Hands-on-experience”, therefore each person is motivated to practically conduct each topic which is discussed in the sessions provided at Troy Infotech. This training also ensures that once the training is completed, the candidate gains all the concepts and skills effectively and can apply then efficiently in his chosen field of work.



There has been an increase in demand for software engineers who are well-versed in Apache Storm and companies are hiring the best candidates in the market. Thus, being professionally qualified and mastering a technology increases the chances of landing the dream job. Therefore, Troy Infotech is providing one of the best Apache Storm training in Chennai with placement assistance for everyone. We provide well-structured modules for students / professionals. Troy Infotech offers the training classes on both weekdays and weekends. We also offer quick training courses for professionals looking to update instantly.


Course Description

Apache Storm is a free open source and real-time distributed computing system. Storm build it easy to reliable processing of limitless data flows, performing for real-time processing what Hadoop did for batch processing. Storm is simple, can be used with any programming language and is very fun to use!

Storm was developed by Nathan Marz as a Back Type project which was later acquired by Twitter in 2011. In 2013, Twitter made Storm public by putting it in GitHub. Storm also joined Apache Software Foundation in 2013 as an incubator project and provides a high-end application that has since met the requirement of Big Data Analytics.



Storm has many use cases: real-time analysis, online machine learning, continuous calculation, distributed RPC, ETL, and so on. Storm is fast: a reference clocked it more than  million tuples processed per second and per node. It is scalable, fault-tolerant, guarantees the processing of your data and is easy to configure and use.

Storm integrates with the database and queuing technologies you already use. A Storm topology consumes data streams and processes these flows in an arbitrary and complex manner, repartitioning the flows between each stage of the calculation as needed.



Troy Infotech is the renowned training institute providing one of the best Apache Storm Training Course in Chennai. Don’t loose any opportunity that makes you to shine. Join our institute to achieve your career goals.


Course Objective

At the end of this course, you will be familiar & expert with the following learning objectives:

Master the architecture of Apache Storm and the fundamental concepts
Plan installation and configuration with Apache Storm
Capture concepts such as real-time event acquisition and processing with Storm
Understand Trident extension to Apache Storm in fundamentals
Gain a thorough understanding of grouping and inserting data into Apache Storm
Understand the basics of storm interfaces with Kafka, Cassandra, Java

Apache Storm Training In Chennai Course Syllabus:


  • Objectives
  • Big Data
  • Vs of Big Data
  • Data Volume
  • Data Sizes
  • Velocity of Data
  • Variety of Data
  • Data Evolution
  • Features of Big data
  • Industry Examples
  • Big data Analysis
  • Technology Comparison
  • Apache Hadoop
  • HDFS0
  • MapReduce
  • Real Time Big data
  • Real Time Big data Examples
  • Real Time Big data Tools
  • Zookeeper


  • Objectives
  • Apache Storm
  • Uses of Storm
  • What is a Stream
  • Industry use cases for STORM
  • STORM Data Model
  • Storm Architecture
  • Storm Processes
  • Sample Program
  • Storm Components
  • Storm Spout
  • Storm Bolt
  • Storm Topology
  • Storm Example
  • Serialization-Deserialization
  • Submitting a Job to Storm
  • Types of Topologies
  • Connecting with Putty Demo and Installing Ubuntu VM


  • Installation and Configuration
  • Objectives
  • Storm Versions
  • OS selection
  • Machine Selection
  • Preparing for Installation
  • Download Kafka
  • Download Storm
  • Install Kafka Demo
  • Install Storm Demo
  • Setting Up Multi-node Storm Cluster


  • Storm Advanced Concepts
  • Objectives
  • Types of Spouts
  • Structure of Spout
  • Structure of Bolt
  • Stream Groupings
  • Reliable Processing in Storm
  • Ack and Fail
  • Ack Timeout
  • Anchoring
  • Topology Lifecycle
  • Data Ingestion in Storm
  • Data Ingestion in Storm Example
  • Data Ingestion in Storm Check Output
  • Screen Shots for Real Time Data Ingestion
  • Spout Definition
  • Bolt Definition
  • Topology–Connecting Spout and Bolt
  • Wrapper Class


  • Storm Interfaces
  • Objectives
  • Storm Interfaces
  • Java Interface to Storm
  • Compile & run a Java interface for Storm Demo 0104:33
  • Spout Interface
  • IRichSpout Methods
  • BaseRichSpout Methods
  • OutputFieldsDeclarer Interface
  • Spout Definition Example
  • Bolt Interface
  • Irichbolt Methods
  • Baserichbolt Methods
  • Ibasicbolt Methods
  • Bolt Interface Example
  • Bolt Interface Example
  • Topology Interface
  • TopologyBuilder Methods
  • BoltDeclarer Methods
  • StormSubmitter Methods
  • Topology Builder Example
  • Apache Kafka Recap
  • Kafka Data Model
  • Apache Cassandra Recap
  • Real Time Data Analysis Platform
  • Kafka Interface to Storm
  • Kafka Spout
  • Kafka Spout Configuration
  • Kafka Spout Schemes
  • Using Kafka Spout in Storm
  • Storm Interface to Cassandra
  • Insert or Update Cassandra
  • Setting Up Cassandra Session
  • Update or Insert Data into Cassandra from Bolt
  • Kafka – Storm – Cassandra


  • Storm Trident
  • Objectives
  • Trident Introduction
  • Trident Data Model
  • Stateful Processing using Trident
  • Operations in Trident
  • Trident State
  • Trident Topology
  • Trident Spouts
  • Compile and run Trident spout Demo
  • Fault-tolerance Levels
  • Pipelining
  • Exactly Once processing
  • Spout Definition Example
  • Trident Operation Example
  • Storing the Output Example
  • Topology – Connecting Spout and Bolt
  • Topology – Main Function
  • Wrapper class
  • Trident Advantages

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Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Core java & Advance Java Certifications

Acceptable industry certification for basic and advanced Java training that helps newer and more experienced professionals improve their entrepreneurial skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend this Apache Storm Training Course?

The following can attend this Apache Storm course:

  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professionals
  • IT developers and testers
  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Students and Professionals aspiring for a Real time analytics career in Big Data Hadoop

Why this Apache Storm Course?

  • The following points will show you why top companies prefer Apache Storm:
  • Platform Independent
  • Extensibility
  • Ease of coding
  • Backend Code development
  • UI based application coding tool
  • More job opportunities for Cloud Computing

You will get High salary Jobs in this domain

What will you learn?

You will learn & become expert in the following concepts:

  • Master the fundamental concepts and the architecture of Apache Storm
  • Plan installation and configuration with Apache Storm
  • Grasp concepts such as Ingesting and processing of real-time events with Storm
  • Understand fundamentals of Trident extension to Apache Storm
  • Gain thorough understanding of Grouping and Data Insertion in Apache Storm
  • Understand fundamentals of Storm Interfaces with Cassandra, Kafka, Java

Career Opportunities ?

The following are the job opportunities you will get:

  • Lead Apache Storm
  • Senior SQL Server Developer-Apache Storm
  • Distributed Systems Engineer-Apache Storm
  • Big Data Solution Architect -Apache Storm
  • Elastic Search Admin-Apache Storm
  • SQL Developer-Apache Storm
  • Full-Stack Developer-Apache Storm
  • Backend Engineer

Course Pre-requisites :

  • Working knowledge of Java
  • Basic knowledge of based on Linux or Unix systems
  • Basic knowledge of data processing

TROY Course Duration For Apache Storm Training In Chennai

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

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