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TROY INFOTECH provides the best AWS training in Chennai with Placements. We offer the best AWS training in Chennai, based on current industry standards, which helps students secure their dream workplace at multinational companies like TCS, CTS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, IBM, and CAPGEMINI. Troy Infotech is one of the most trusted AWS training institutes in Chennai, providing hands-on knowledge and complete assistance with AWS training in Chennai, as well as real time live training in Chennai.

At Troy Infotech, AWS is provided by expert professionals, subject matter experts with more than 8 years of real-time AWS project management experience. Troy Infotech implements a combination of academic learning and hands-on sessions to provide the student with an ideal exposure that helps transform inexperienced students into full-time professionals who are easily recruited in the industry, and so we could say ourselves the best AWS training institute in Chennai.

At the well-equipped Troy Infotech, candidates learn the skills for AWS Environment, AWS Fundamentals, Essentials of Amazon Simple Storage Service S3,
Amazon Glacier,
Amazon Elastic Block Store,
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),
Database Management,
Data Migration,
Cloud Configuration
 AWS training in real-time projects together with AWS Placement training.

AWS Training Course in Chennai – Why Troy Infotech

The AWS training in Chennai is designed according to the latest industry trends and taking into account the content and advanced curriculum of the AWS course based on the professional requirements of the student; helping them obtain a Position in multinational companies and achieve their professional goals.

TROY INFOTECH is the No. 1 AWS training center in Chennai, with high-tech infrastructure and excellent lab facilities and students have the options to choose from multiple courses in Chennai Location.  Troy Infotech in Chennai prepares thousands of applicants for customized AWS courses at reasonable prices, taking into account the training and content requirements of each and every student.

The AWS course involves “Learning by doing”, using a state-of-the-art infrastructure to perform practical exercises and real-world simulations. This extensive practical experience in AWS training ensures that you will absorb the knowledge and skills you will need to apply at work after being placed in an MNC.

There are numerous platforms and flows to build a product or application. When we talk about technologies  AWS is the best chosen platform.  


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely adopted cloud platform in the world, offering more than 165 full-featured data center services worldwide. Millions of customers – including the fastest growing startups, the largest companies, and major government agencies – rely on AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and reduce costs.

Features of AWS

AWS offers significantly more services and more functions in these services than any other cloud provider. AWS cloud platform offers over 165 fully equipped services, including over 40 services not offered by any other major cloud provider. AWS provides services for a wide range of applications including computing, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security and application development, deployment and management.

In addition to the widest range of services, AWS also has the deepest functionality of these services. For example, Amazon EC2 offers more types and sizes of compute instances than any other provider, including the most powerful GPU instances for machine learning workloads. AWS also has more than twice as many database services as anyone, with eleven relational and nonrelational database offerings. AWS has more container launch capabilities, thanks to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), and AWS Fargate.

This wide range of services and deep functionality make migrating existing applications to the cloud easier, faster and more cost-effective, and you can create almost anything you can imagine.

AWS Marketplace, the independent software vendor digital software catalog that runs on AWS, offers 35 categories and over 4,500 software offerings from more than 1,400 independent software vendors, nearly double the software offering you can find at anywhere else.

Best Features of AWS

Amazon Web Services has several features that make it reliable in various companies. Some AWS features include:

Optimized mobile access

Access optimized for mobile devices includes two things:

AWS Mobile Hub

This Amazon Web Services feature is for Android and IOS. AWS Mobile Hub supports and leads to relevant and compatible functions for your application. It includes a console that facilitates access to AWS services, including the creation, testing and monitoring of mobile applications. Contains transparent ways to select and configure mobile application functions such as content delivery and push notifications.

AWS Mobile SDK

With this AWS feature, the application can directly access Amazon Web Services such as DynamoDB, S3 and Lambda. The Mobile SDK package supports iOS, Android, Web, React Native, Unity and many more.

Serverless Cloud Functions

Amazon API and Amazon Gateway help clients by running their code and scaling it. The main thing a client needs to do is to transfer the code with the assistance of cell phone. Clients don’t deal with the servers as the entire procedure is then overseen by AWS. Applications which are made to convey an incredible encounter to the clients. We need numerous undertakings to be performed without a moment’s delay and for that, we need back-end code that runs and reacts to the code. Dealing with the foundation to have back-end codes requires size, arrangement and loads of servers. AWS Serverless Cloud Functions help the client so that they should concentrate just on building the application. Server the executives is finished by AWS alongside it, it performs scaling, fixing and organization of the foundation.


Amazon gives databases as requirement and the database gave by them are totally overseen by them. A portion of the databases and their uses are:

Social Database — Transactional Purposes.

Non-Relational Database – Internet Scale Applications.

Information Warehouse — Analytics.

In-memory information Store — Caching and Real-time remaining tasks at hand.

Diagram Database — Application with exceptionally associated information.


Capacity is one of the AWS highlights, give by Amazon is affordable, adaptable and simple to utilize. The capacity gave by AWS can be utilized freely just as in blend to meet your necessity. Coming up next are the sorts of capacity gave by AWS.

Amazon Glacier — Used for long haul stockpiling.

Amazon Simple Storage Service — Provides adaptable item stockpiling for chronicled, investigation and information reinforcement.

The Amazon EBS — Provides square level stockpiling volumes for diligent information stockpiling for use with EC-2 occasions.


AWS is designed as the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Our basic infrastructure is built to meet the security requirements of military, global banks and other highly sensitive organizations. AWS uses the same secure hardware and software to build and service each of our regions; therefore, all our customers use the only commercial cloud that has a proven service offering and related supply chain and is accepted as secure enough for top-secret cargo.

This is supported by a broad set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, compliance and management services and key functions. In addition, AWS supports 90 security standards and certificates of compliance, and all 117 AWS services that store customer data offer the ability to encrypt them.

 Top 5 Billion Companies Using AWS Cloud

  1. Adobe Systems

Adobe-frameworks utilizing AWS Cloud

Adobe is the main organization for throughout the decades involves more than 14,000 representatives. They are conveying items in advanced media and computerized showcasing specialty.

They have a solid association with Amazon Web Services and built up the prevalent item with them. Adobe received AWS Cloud due to the most extravagant arrangement of APIs and the profound coordination of all the computerized programming. They need to give a productive domain to their clients.

They utilized Adobe Creative Cloud with a wide assortment of administrations that are similarly useful in big business and government segment. They conveyed Adobe CQ cloud director that completely deals with every one of the administrations of cloud running on both Redhat and Windows. They utilized EBS System widely with Elastic Beam and Cloud Formation.

Mitch Nelson (Director, Managed Services) at Adobe, while meeting in AWS said that AWS worked admirably in helping us do that and on the off chance that we have any issue ever, AWS is consistently there to match up in such circumstances. Utilizing AWS Cloud, we accomplished different area support with the multi-terabyte working condition for our clients.

Airbnb utilizing AWS Cloud

Airbnb is the network driven commercial center that carries hosts and visitors to one spot with nearby and special individual aptitude. It is an online stage for rental settlement. According to 2013 details, there are assessed 150,000 individuals that are facilitated on some random night on Airbnb.

They received AWS Cloud for the following year of their application dispatch. AWS demonstrated to be a magnificent fit from the very first moment. They use Amazon EC2 (Server, Production, Hadoop), RDS (All social databases), Amazon S3 (Storage, UGC), DynamoDB (Rollups, Metadata), Elasticache (Memcache) and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR).

Airbnb has been developing altogether for as far back as 3 years. In 2011, they were utilizing 24 EC2 occasions which continue expanding more than 1000 and it is as yet expanding step by step. There are 2 billion lines put away in their RDS, and this figure is increasing step by step. They have an expected 50TB photographs in their S3.

Airbnb scales framework consequently utilizing AWS Cloud. While giving audits on AWS, Mike Curtis (VP of Engineering-Airbnb) flawlessly reported that AWS enables us to commit our assets and mindshare deeply business. We don’t have to stress over the operational framework, AWS is consistently there to deal with everything. They dream Airbnb to be an interesting application that can be utilized by everybody in finding their homes and rental lofts the world over

Slack utilizing AWS Cloud

Slack is the cloud-based group joint effort device created in 2013 under the group of Silicon Valley business visionary? It was at first worked for an organization to work in a group. Presently, it is utilized by everywhere throughout the main ventures with a gauge of over a million day by day dynamic clients.
It was just a visit application in 2013. Afterward, Slack declared the procurement of ScreenHero, which has extra highlights of information and document sharing alongside the screen sharing. That astutely encourages the group in the joint effort.
The Slack originators confronted disappointments in their past startup adventures. Thus, they worked with that experience to create slack. They simply required an additional layer of mastery to run the framework. The earlier organization named Tiny Speck utilized AWS in 2009, which became ‘Slack Tech’. That time, this was the main practical offering for the general society cloud.
Presently, Slack has a straightforward IT design that depends on AWS administrations. They are utilizing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for document transfers and sharing static resources, Elastic Load Balancer to adjust the heap crosswise over servers.
To ensure the system on cloud and firewall rules with security gatherings, they are utilizing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). For the security of client certifications and records, they are using Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control client qualifications. Alongside these administrations, they are utilizing the Redis information structure server, Apache Solr search instrument, the Squid storing intermediary, and a MySQL database.
Slack Integration Blueprint for AWS Lambda makes it simpler for AWS clients to deal with their condition, they as of late propelled an assortment of Slack Integration Blueprints for AWS Lambda. Amazon Web Services causes them to accomplish their objective effortlessly. Facilitating Slack in AWS made their clients increasingly sure that Slack is sheltered, secure, and consistently on.

Netflix utilizing AWS Cloud

Netflix is the online stage for video spilling with low idleness and deferral. The fundamental focal point of Netflix is to make it accessible for their clients to watch the recordings on request, of their inclinations.
Their primary objective is to convey the clients’ simplicity to appreciate whatever they like. They have an expected 7 billion hours of video gushing, 50 million clients in 60 nations.
In 2009, they moved to the AWS cloud to fuse the substance conveyance all through the globe. They favored AWS on the grounds that they needed to be progressively centered around refreshing, sparing and overseeing cases over the cloud.
To do that, they utilized the model of the dynamic AWS framework of about huge amounts of examples over numerous geological territories. Before utilizing the AWS cloud, they were utilizing a low-level computing construct or any convention accessible for sending content. Utilizing AWS, they can deal with the framework automatically.
Netflix is utilizing many EC2 occasions stumbling into 3 AWS areas. There are several microservices running and serving 1 billion hours of substance serving every month. They use Amazon S3 for cleaving the video content into 5 seconds parts, bundle it, and afterward convey to the substance conveyance systems.
AWS encourages them in accomplishing setting up reinforcement for debacle action (here, Lambda helped them to duplicate and approve it). AWS cloud causes them to check and making cautions and triggers it to make up for the adjustments in circumstances.
They cited that AWS Lambda helped them to fabricate a standard based self-overseeing framework and supplanting it with the present framework.

Advantages of favorable circumstances of AWS

• It offers simple to join procedure and simple to utilize UI (User Interface) or Management Console. In addition, all the AWS administrations are all around recorded for fledglings.
• AWS administrations are accessible on a worldwide scale which covers around 15 locales which incorporate the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. There are different accessibility zones in every one of these districts. In addition, it offers enormous server farms.
• Amazon is progressing in the direction of including new administrations in every one of the spaces each day. Thus clients will gain admittance to new administrations as and when they are accessible.
• Consistently Amazon constantly centers around AI, SAAS (Software as a Service) items and a decrease in the expenses of their administrations.
• It distributed computing stages, AWS offers no impediments on the limit, offers speed and readiness, secure and dependable conditions, etc.




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