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Troy Infotech delivers an in-depth best Chef training in Chennai. Students having Chef knowledge are able to secure a quick job in an MNC. Participants need to enroll in a best Chef training institute in Chennai like Troy Infotech to attain the skills involved in the technology. Our core strength is our trainers, who are expert professionals and well experienced from the industry. At our Chef institute in Chennai, our trainers have developed practical modules combining the syllabus to meet the industry standards. During the Chef training course in Chennai, trainers create realistic situation for students and train them to work on it. In our Chef training classes students are asked to take decision concerning to troubleshooting or managing the technology without interrupting the running business operations. Join the best Chef training in Chennai provided by Troy Infotech which equips participants with thorough information, knowledge and experience on the subject.


At Troy Infotech, we consider students as our responsibility. Our responsibility will not be ended after completion of Chef course and certification. We are providing Chef training course with placement solution to the students. Our placement team schedule the placement drives and arrange interviews with different MNCs. Our values inspire us to provide students a comprehensive Chef training in Chennai with placement so that they achieve their career goals confidently. For that, we have setup a laboratory in accordance to industry standards that comprises of latest devices, applications and softwares. Our whole building is equipped with Wi-Fi facility, latest I.T infrastructure with smart classroom facilities.


We have kept a moderate Chef course fee to support students coming from all sections of the society. Further, students find our Chef training course duration more flexible. Chef course time is scheduled according to the student’s requirements & needs. Troy Infotech’s Chef course is all about practical and practice; our classes include theory with practical sessions for the students. Join the best Chef training in Chennai provided by Troy Infotech to avail quick Chef coaching, moderate course fee, and placement after Chef course.


Course Description

Chef is basically a Configuration management tool that manages the infrastructure by writing code rather than using a manual process so that it can be automated, tested and deployed very easily. Chef has Client-server architecture which supports multiple platforms like Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, and Solaris etc. It can be also integrated with cloud platform like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Open Stack etc. Chef is such an application that lets you write scripts to automate infrastructure processes, irrespective of whether these processes are big or small. This training course takes you through all the required recipes to configure, deploy, and scale your servers and applications. This Chef course contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques showing you how to solve real-world automation challenges.


Troy Infotech offers the best Chef training course in Chennai which helps to achieve the career goals of the participants.


Course Objective

The following are the objectives that you learn in Chef:

In-depth look into the Chef ecosystem
How to Manage Server and Cloud Infra with Chef
Automating your infrastructure with Chef and get it right from the start
Learning to write better cookbooks, recipes, plugins etc.
Learning Chef Language and style
How to Evaluate and Troubleshoot Cookbook runs

Chef  Training In Chennai Course Syllabus:

Configuration Management

  • What Is Configuration Management?
  • Need of a Configuration Management Tool to Automate IT
  • What Is Chef?
  • Chef Might Be a Good Tool for Your Enterprise. Why?
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Chef Development Tools

My Program in Chef

  • Chef Syntax and Examples
  • Working with Knife
  • Writing First Chef Recipe
  • Chef and Its Terminology


  • Using Cookbooks
  • Introducing Vagrant &Virtualbox
  • Introducing Test Kitchen
  • Spinning up your first Virtual Machine
  • Introducing OpsCode
  • Developing a Cookbooks
  • Developing Your First Cookbook
  • Writing a Recipe
  • Creating the Index File
  • Changing the Metadata
  • Uploading the Cookbook
  • Running the Cookbook
  • Add an Attribute
  • Add a Resource to the Default Recipe
  • Add the Template File
  • Uploading and Running the Cookbook
  • Using Environments

Modelling your infrastructure

  • Roles
  • Implementing a role
  • Determining which recipes you need
  • Applying recipes to roles
  • Mapping your roles to nodes
  • Environments
  • Organizing your configuration data

Cloud Provisioning Using Chef

  • Provisioning Using Vagrant and Chef
  • Providers and Provisioners
  • Installing Vagrant
  • Configuring Vagrant
  • Vagrant Provisioning Using Chef
  • AWS and Chef Provisioning Using Vagrant
  • Provisioning Using Knife

Troubleshooting and Debugging

  • Chef Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Debugging Chef Client Run
  • Debugging Recipes Using Logs
  • Debugging Recipes Using Chef Shell
  • Troubleshooting Chef Client

Advance Chef

  • Recipe Inclusion
  • Data Bags
  • Search Roles
  • Configuring Services like Apache

Deployment using chef

  • Looking at your application deployment cookbook
  • Deployment using zip/tar files. For example, Apache Tomcat deployment and configured as service.
  • Windows – Configuring Services like IIS
  • Dependencies Management

Integrating with the Cloud

  • Amazon EC2
  • Rackspace Cloud


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Real-Time Practical Training

You will get the real-time project experience on our training. We provide more practical training classes preferred by the candidates. Our practical oriented training will inspire all the participants.

Assured Placement Assistance

We are the pioneer in providing the assured placement assistance for the participants after their course completion.

Certified Trainers

Learning made easy by our certified trainers who fulfills the needs of the candidates in that particular course. Your knowledge will be transformed into expertise level by our trainers.

Internship Training

We provide internship training effectively for our participants which are highly helpful for their professional career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Chef Training Course?

Who can attend?

The following can attend this Chef course:

  • System Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Freshers those who wish to start their career in the field of Cloud and Automation

Why Chef Training?

  • This Chef course will guarantee your entry into Cloud and Automation which is the most demanding IT skill set in the market.
  • The Chef professionals are paid with high salary.
  • Lots of job opportunities are available after the completion of this Chef training course.

What will you learn?

You will learn & become expert in the following concepts:

  • In-depth look into the Chef ecosystem
  • How to Manage Server and Cloud Infra with Chef
  • Automating your infrastructure with Chef and get it right from the start
  • Learning to write better cookbooks, recipes, plugins etc.
  • Learning Chef Language and style
  • How to Evaluate and Troubleshoot Cookbook runs

What are the Career Opportunities available in Chef?

  • Senior Devops Engineer – Chef
  • Senior Associate – Chef
  • Devops Engineer – Chef
  • Devops Developer – Chef

What Are The Pre-Requisites For Learning The Chef Training Course?

  • Being familiar with writing code in a text editor
  • Having experience working on the command line
  • Having basic system administration experience such as installing packages, configuring those packages, starting service

TROY Course Duration For Chef Training In Chennai

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

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