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Java Training in Chennai

TROY INFOTECH provides the best Java training in Chennai with Placements. We offer the best Java training in Chennai, based on current industry standards, which helps students secure their dream workplace at multinational companies like TCS, CTS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, IBM, and CAPGEMINI. Troy Infotech is one of the most trusted Java training institutes in Chennai, providing hands-on knowledge and complete assistance with basic Java training in Chennai, as well as advanced Java training in Chennai

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TROY INFOTECH provides the best Java training in Chennai with Placements. We offer the best Java training in Chennai, based on current industry standards, which helps students secure their dream workplace at multinational companies like TCS, CTS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, IBM, and CAPGEMINI. Troy Infotech is one of the most trusted Java training institutes in Chennai, providing hands-on knowledge and complete assistance with basic Java training in Chennai, as well as advanced Java training in Chennai.

At Troy Infotech, Java is provided by expert professionals, subject matter experts with more than 8 years of real-time Java project management experience. Troy Infotech implements a combination of academic learning and hands-on sessions to provide the student with an ideal exposure that helps transform inexperienced students into full-time professionals who are easily recruited in the industry, and so we could say ourselves the best Java training institute in Chennai.

At the well-equipped Troy Infotech, candidates learn the skills for Java Language Environment, Java Fundamentals, Essentials of Programmed-Oriented Object, Writing Java classes, packages, exception handling, Java I/O operations, Multithreaded programming, Java Apps, network programming, Java utility or collections framework package, generic, built-in classes, abstract window toolkit, Swing, Java training in real-time projects together with Java Placement training.

Java Training Course in Chennai – Why Troy Infotech

The Java training in Chennai is designed according to the latest industry trends and taking into account the content and advanced curriculum of the Java course based on the professional requirements of the student; helping them obtain a Position in multinational companies and achieve their professional goals.

TROY INFOTECH is the No. 1 Java training center in Chennai, with high-tech infrastructure and excellent lab facilities and students have the options to choose from multiple courses in Chennai Location.  Troy Infotech in Chennai prepares thousands of applicants for customized Java courses at reasonable prices, taking into account the training and content requirements of each and every student.

The Java course involves “Learning by doing”, using a state-of-the-art infrastructure to perform practical exercises and real-world simulations. This extensive practical experience in Java training ensures that you will absorb the knowledge and skills you will need to apply at work after being placed in an MNC.

There are numerous platforms and flows to build a product or application. When we talk about technologies and programming languages, Java is the chosen platform. It is used in the development of many applications for systems and fixed devices similar to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more. Core Java or Basic Java Training in Chennai is the key to success.

Evolution of Java (History)

Invented over 20 years ago, this language has only stayed on to add value to the ever-developing IT industry. It is a known fact that all businesses big and small use technology to run their business as usual and mobile phones to million-dollar computer programs need JAVA to perform optimally. 

It is a great start to invest and learn Java when you aim to start or extend your career in programming, as it an object-oriented language that leads you to a selective career path. We have a Java training center in Chennai in different locations.

Like we stated earlier Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language (OOP) developed at Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. It is ideal to know that this language obtains enough syntax form C and C++ but owns a way simpler object model and fewer low-level abilities. Simply put Java adopts format from C and OOP features from C++. It is noted that the first version was implemented as Java 1.0 is 1995. It was released with a commitment, (WORA) “Write Once, Run Anywhere” or sometimes called WORE- Write Once, Run Everywhere. It is noteworthy to add that it has free runtimes on many successful platforms.

Java programs can be run on any operating system or processor, provided Java Interpreter is in place. This makes Java programs platform-independent. Let us try to understand this further. The WORA ability allows the language to perform various platforms, devices that use different and current versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, HP-UX, NetWare, Solaris or other OS/platform. Also, an important detail to note here is irrespective of the physical machine to be a Mainframe, a Desktop computer, a Notebook computer, a ‘Tablet’ device or a smartphone, Java works as precise as possible.  

The WORA ability needs every machine’s OS to carry alterations or modifications that interpret the WORA programs bytecode. This facilitates the machine’s processor performs the WORA program’s instructions to the point. In short, every device needs a version of its own JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to be built-in.

The development of any language or application depends on the need to resolve a problem that limits the needed progress. Java was developed to meet this need and is applied extensively in developing application software. Let us discuss them briefly so that our readers and wards understand it well. 

The goals that expedited the conception of the Java language are as follows: 

  • We need a language for object-oriented programming. 
  • This new language should support the very program to be executed on various operating systems (OS). 
  • Besides, it should very well include built-in support for utilizing computer networks. 
  • The most salient feature they needed in its design was the ability to be able to execute from remote sources securely. 

Last but not least it should be versatile yet simple enough to use the best segments of other OOP.

What is JAVA ?

Java is a programming language and computer platform first launched by Sun Microsystems in 1995. All applications and websites need Java installed in their systems and more are created every day. Java is fast, safe and reliable. From laptops to data centers, game consoles and scientific supercomputers, cell phones and the Internet, Java is everywhere!

Object Orientation:

It is a programming method & designing of the said language. It works by allowing programmers to design and produce components that can be re-used in various methods but still affirms or maintains security. This style of programming is incorporated with concepts such as class, object, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism. 

Can you download Java for free?

Yes, Java can be downloaded for free. Get the latest version of you are creating a built-in or consumer device and want to include Java, contact Oracle for more information on how to add Java to your device.

Why should I upgrade to the latest version of Java?

The latest version of Java contains important improvements to improve the performance, stability and security of Java applications running on your machine. The installation of this free update will ensure that your Java applications continue to run safely and efficiently.

What will I receive when I download the Java software?

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is what you get when you download the Java software. The JRE consists of the java virtual machine (JVM), the main Java platform classes and the supported Java platform libraries. JRE is the runtime part of the Java software, which is all you need to run it in your web browser.

What is the Java Plug-in software?

A plugin is like a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a web browser which gives the browser additional functionality allowing the web browser to display additional content.

The Java Plug-in software is a component of the Java Run time Environment (JRE) which enables customizations. JRE allows applets written in the Java programming language to run in multiple browsers. The Java Plug-in software is not a standalone program and hence it cannot be installed separately.

 I heard the terms Java Virtual Machine and JVM. Is this a Java software?

Java Virtual Machine is just one aspect of the Java software involved in web interaction. Java Virtual Machine is integrated into the download of your Java software and helps run Java applications.

Why JAVA Training?

Java is one of the best programming languages ever created, which Java has proven it for the past 20 years. Two decades is a good time for any programming language, and Java gains momentum with each passing day. Although there are times when Java development slows down, Java responded well.If in terms of job opportunities, Java again surpasses all technologies. Countless job opportunities waiting outside by learning the Java programming language, by developing core server-side applications based on Java, J2EE web and business applications, and can even choose to develop Android-based mobile applications. Still, if you have no experience in C and C ++ and want to learn your first programming language, Choose Java Language.

Why one should learn Java programming and why think Java is the best programming language ever created??

By the way, if you have already decided to learn Java and are just looking for the best resource to start, suggesting the best training in Java, The Complete Java Class in Troy InfoTech. One of the most updated and complete courses to learn Java. It was also recently updated to Java 11.

JAVA Features

The main purpose of creating the Java programming language was to make it portable, simple and secure. In addition, there are also some excellent features that play an important role in the popularity of this language. Java features are also known as Java buzzwords.

Below is a list of the most important features of the Java language.

  • Architecture Neutral
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic
  • High Performance
  • Independent platform
  • Interpreted
  • Multithreading
  • Object-oriented
  • Portable
  • Robust
  • Simple
  • Secured

Java is an object-oriented language that has been developing many folds over the years. The reason that influences the development of any language is to make programming secure and portable. Java has successfully and strongly held the top spot for many years now, making it the first choice of many MNCs, irrespective of the nature of business they are in. This makes it an ideal language for you to learn, as with the invention of smartphones and remote managing businesses Java has the potential only to grow strong in the IT industry. 

By learning Java at Troy Infotech, which is one of the leading Java training institutes in Chennai you get a great advantage when applying for jobs in the IT sector. Over the years the usage of Java became popular. It started offering more benefits that turned out to be an advantage to its own development and to the industry as a whole. Let us discuss these features and how it will enhance the user experience during development as well as during implementation.


It is a known fact that Java is simpler than languages C and C ++. Java takes away the concept of pointers previously present in C and C++. It also has simplified one of the complex tasks like garbage collection and allocation of memory. It is ideal to note these complex tasks like garbage collection and allocation of memory or manually done by the programmer in C and C++.

Object-oriented Program:

Most of the programming languages are procedural languages. But Java programming language is object-oriented. It uses the concept of the object. Here everything depends on “object”,  ie what are we creating and how to make objects work well together. Java allows for reusability modularity and flexibility which makes Java programming an overall high functional program. 

Platform independent program:

What is a platform-independent programming language? We can write a Java program once and run it everywhere and can be run on different operating systems to offer or give the same results. Java has something called Java virtual machine also known as JVM which helps the Java code to execute on any number of platforms. With Java, we write once and run anywhere.


It is important to understand what portability means. Portability is that feature making it easy for us to take one program and run it on all other platforms. Java has an excellent reputation for being more portable than C, especially when practicing it.

Secure and Robust:

What makes Java programming more reliable and secure is it shows all the errors and mistakes in the program at the execution stage. In Java, the possibility of errors in a language is almost eliminated once it is executed.  There is no overwriting in Java as the concept of pointers is eliminated. The important point to note is that Java supports exception handling. This makes Java more reliable and robust as well. 

In Java, the programmer is mandated to write a code for exceptions that may occur during the execution so that if and when there are exceptions the program can be run successfully. Security is important in any network. Java provides for security when the computer is invaded. 

Java offers the necessary security as it encounters the applets from the untrusted sources.

 Architecture neutral:

Java is an interpreted language, that is,’ platform-independent’. This makes Java architecture-neutral. JVM Java virtual machine enables Java to write a program once and execute it on many platforms.

Java virtual machine can be installed in the operating system or in a web browser. Once it is loaded into the machine it is verified. Byte code verification is very important. It filters and checks the codes generated by the computer and ensures they will not corrupt the machine on which the code is loaded. The byte code generated by the compiler is independent of the particular computer architecture hence the Java program is interpreted pretty much easily on any machine.


Internet protocols to access files or the internet or networks, Thus using the libraries that Java has access to makes Java perform file transfers easily while connected online /internet.


Writing programs in Java makes it possible for us to write them in a way that it can perform many tasks simultaneously. Multitasking is one of the best features of Java. The benefits of multithreading are, it can use limited memory or the same amount of memory and still execute multiple threads at the same time. 

With the advancement of it and technology, multithreading is one of the best features. 

Java has advanced into one of the major programming languages in IT. It was earlier used to just design and program small computing devices but has evolved into a platform-independent programming language!

  • JSP – Java Server Pages is a technology that supports dynamic webpages. It used to create dynamic web pages, PHP and ASP. This ensures that the developers insert a Java code in HTML pages by using special JSP tags. Components in Java Server Pages are a sort of servlet composed to provide the role of a user interface for Java web applications. It is important to note that web developers write JSPs as ordinary text files that essentially combines HTML or XHTML codes, XML elements, and other JSP actions and commands. While at it, let us also note the advantaged of JSP against other technologies in the market. JSP is written in Java and not is VB or MS-specific language, which makes it dynamic, more powerful yet easy, and is easily portable to other OSs and Non-MS Web servers.
  • J2EE – This is again a platform-independent, Java-centric environment that supports and enables the transfer of data between various organizations, and has a different set of protocols and APIs. It is used for developing, constructing and deploying web-based enterprise applications. It is important to note that it can all be performed online (e-enabled). It is a series of specifications that define the permitted standards for developing multi-tier enterprise applications using Java. In simple terms, we can define J2EE as essential middleware architecture. These are the server-side software solutions that act as a foundation for linking numerous & diverse resources that are spread across the network. Before the development of J2EE middleware had restricted use and were controlled by certain vendors only. Introduction and wide usage of J2EE signify the growth scaled in terms of middleware over the last decade. Let us remind you to note that there are still opportunities for growth and development in J2EE like technologies.
  • It is a platform for Enterprise-Scale Applications.
  • It is also Syntax for Multitier, Distributed Middleware.
  • It is a Model for e-enabled Application development.
  • It is a broadly accepted Standard in Web Application Servers.
  • JavaBeans – Reusable software components used to create new and advanced applications. 
  • Applets – Implemented on internet browsers and runs as a part of a web document.
  • Mobile application – Let us not forget that these days mobile games and applications are made in Java. 

Java – Application Types:

Java is a widely accepted and globally used Object-oriented programming language, developed by Sun microsystems in the 1990s. The strongest feature of Java is its platform-independent feature, as it can perform on various platforms, thus making it potentially one of the most popular software.

Types of Java Applications:

  • Web Application – Server-side web application uses Java. 
  • Stand-alone Application 
  • Enterprise Application –  
  • Mobile Application – 

Let us understand these features much better:

Web Applications:

It is an application used on the clients’ side and is a collection of dynamic resources such as Java Server Pages, Java classes and Jars, and static resources like HTML and pictures.   

Stand Alone Application: 

Also known as a desktop application or windows-based application, many applications that are installed in every machine or server, like media player, antivirus, etc AWT and Swing are used in Java. 

Enterprise Application: 

It is an application that is distributed and has high-level protection, load balancing, and clustering. It is used in enterprises requiring multiple interfaces and secured data flow or transfers.

Mobile Application: 

Java ME is used to create an application software for mobiles, including being a programming language for Google Android application development. It is undeniably the fastest-growing segment in the current scenario with people depending on mobile phones to run their businesses from remote locations. This feature makes it running of the businesses more securely.

The main purpose or goal that influenced the development of the Java language is to make programming secure and portable. By learning Java at our institute which is one of the leading Java training institutes in Chennai, you get a great advantage when applying got jobs in the IT sector. As the usage became popular it started offering more benefits that turned out to its advantage. Let us discuss these featured and how it will enhance the user experience during development as well as during implementation. 

It is a known fact that Java is way simpler than the languages C and C++. Java takes away the concept of pointers previously present in C and C++. Java also has simplified one of the complex tasks like garbage collection & allocation of memory. It is ideal to note that these complex tasks like garbage collection and allocation of memory are manually done by the programmer in C and C++.

Scope of Java in current scenario IT sector:

Java is one of the leading programming languages and is immensely popular because of its features. Java compiler is developed for performance. As we all know it is compiled into byte code and then compiled by Java compiler that was inspired by C and C++ but doesn’t have the drawbacks. As we mentioned earlier, java is a popular and widely used by developers. Many new beginners opt to learn this language as it allows them a comfortable entry into the IT industry. Java is the top programming language only ahead of C and C++& Python.

Java is equally useful for entry-level junior developers that work on databases but also gives the same advantage for seniors in this field. This is not a language that is going to get outdated any sooner, it gets better features every passing year. And the next biggest advantage that you will have with Java on your CV is-Java has brilliant momentum happening NOW. It is used extensively across various fields. So many users and multiple existing applications are using this leading language, so it is self-sustaining at the moment. It is a valuable advantage to have it in your CV. 

Another advantage of Java is, it is the main development language for Android. 

This single advantage is enough when you think in commercial terms. First-time job seekers have a golden chance to get into the IT industry, especially with the growth of mobiles and mobile applications that allow business people, employers, and many other organizations to handle multiple tasks over the phone or remotely. We are able to support your career by suggesting what additional courses can enhance and boost your career along with Java. As we said earlier not just the beginners that can read the advantages of Java but people who are in mid-level management as well can reap the benefits. We at Troy support your career by suggesting various courses that can recalibrate your current position or role. With the ever-growing technology, it will always be an advantage for employees working in the IT industry to be able to hold certifications up to date. 

JAVA Frameworks

Large bodies of built-in code to which you add your own code to solve a problem are called Frameworks. The framework is used to call its methods, inheritance and providing callbacks, listeners or other implementations of the patterns. Frameworks usually dictate the structure of an application. Some frameworks provide so much code that you must do very little to write your application. This can be good or bad, depending on the ease of use. Frameworks are the substance of programming which is based on a good one, its program is solid and fast and it combines wonderfully.

Below is the list of different Top JAVA Frameworks

  • Spring MVC Framework
  • Hibernate Framework
  • Struts
  • Google web toolkit(GWT)
  • JAVA Server Faces(JSF)
  • Grails
  • Vaadin
  • Blade
  • Dropwizard
  • Play
  • Apache Wicket
  • Vert.x
  • MyBatis
  • Spark Framework
  • Tapestry

Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a powerful and lightweight application development framework used for Enterprise Java (JEE). The key features of the Spring Framework can be used in the development of any Java application. It is described as a complete modular Framework and can be used for all layer implementations of a real-time application. It can also be used to develop a specific layer of an application in real-time, unlike other frameworks, but with Spring it is possible to develop all layers. Spring Framework and all modules, including Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Security, Spring ORM, etc., are used in business applications. Now, let’s see where this Spring framework is used.


  • Web application development.
  • Used to create any Java application.
  • It is also used in Enterprise Java (JEE)


  • It provides a lightweight container that can be started without using a web server or application server software.
  • Spring Framework supports JDBC that improves productivity and reduces errors.
  • Its objective is to facilitate the development of J2EE
  • Spring supports XML-based configuration and annotations.
  • It provides compatibility with previous versions and code testability.

Main companies that use the Spring framework for application development are

  • Netflix Using Spring Boot
  • Yatra uses Spring MVC
  • Amazon
  • eBay


Hibernate is a stable framework for relational mapping of objects that allows better communication between the Java programming language and relational database management systems (RDBMS).When working with object-oriented languages such as Java, you will encounter a problem called Non-coincidence of object-relational impedance (called Paradigm mismatching). OO languages and RDBMS treat data differently, which can cause mismatches. While OO languages structure data as a hierarchy of objects, relational databases represent data in a tabular format. For example, one of these mismatch problems occurs when the object model has more classes than the number of tables available in the relational database. Hibernate provides a framework that overcomes Java incompatibility issues like mismatching. Its objective is to achieve persistence, which means that the data created/used by the application must survive the process that generated it. Although Hibernate was designed for relational databases, its latest versions also support NoSQL data stores. It also has excellent development tools, such as a map editor, a Hibernate console and an incredible database reverse engineering tool.


  • It allows you to develop persistent classes following object-oriented language.
  • It allows you to communicate with any database using small code changes, linking objects and relational words.
  • It is an advanced ORM framework that allows you to perform database operations on Java entities.


  • Portability, productivity, maintenance
  • Free and open-source framework
  • Remove many repetitive codes from the JDBC API

Main companies that use the Hibernate framework for application development are,

  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • DELL
  • Accenture

JAVA Server Faces

JAVA Server Faces is compatible with Oracle and, as such, very deep and complex documentation is provided. Using this Framework, anything can be created according to the client requirements with the JAVA programming language. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest to use or the fastest Framework. However, the great benefit of JavaServer Faces is the wonderful documentation that Oracle has created. Oracle has led the industry for many years, so they are very reliable. This plays an important role in Java EE – Java Enterprise Edition and if you use the IDE software ie Integrated Development Environment where it is incredibly convenient because it is integrated into these environments.

However, one should have a very rudimentary understanding of Java with little software experience, either with that specific software or with programming as a whole, this will simply be too complex for you due to the complexity of the Framework.


  • Component-based UI frameworks
  • Building native applications


  • Oracle supported
  • It comes with fantastic documentation
  • Excellent tools
  • Rich libraries
  • Convenient if you use IDE


  • Slightly Complex
  • Previous experience is required
  • Slow for the development process

JAVA Certifications in Chennai

Java SE

  • Oracle Certified Associate: Java SE 8 Programmer
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 8 Programmer
  • Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 8 Programmer (Upgrade from Java SE 6 and all prior versions)
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 8 Programmer (Upgrade from Java SE 7)
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer(Upgrade from OCP Java 6, 7 & 8)
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer(Upgrade from OCA Java  7 & 8)

Java EE and Web Services

  • Oracle Certified Professional: Java EE 7 Application Developer
  • Oracle Certified Master: Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
  • Upgrade to Java EE 6 Oracle Certified Master

Trainers who handle JAVA Course – Java Training in Chennai

All are Subject Matter experts and working professionals who have complete real-time knowledge and fully updated in the subjects they teach, with great project knowledge working on real-world industry applications. Trainers have received awards and recognition from our partners and several recognized IT organizations. Java Trainers are professionals who work in multinational companies such as CTS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, TCS, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Syntel, Capgemini. Java trainers are certified professionals with more than 7 years of experience.

Java Subject Matter expert trainers are well connected with the hiring of HR’S of multinational companies.

Wide Opportunities for JAVA Training in Chennai and across India

  • Java J2ee Lead Developer
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Java Technical Architect
  • Java J2ee Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Software Engineer Java
  • Associate Java Developer
  • Java Trainee
  • Software Associate
  • Senior Software Engineer

JAVA Software Developers SALARY RANGE for Freshers and Experienced Professionals









Companies recruiting JAVA Developers – Learn Java Training in Chennai @ Troy Infotech and get placed in one of the MNC’s

  • CTS
  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • SAP
  • Amazon
  • Capgemini
  • Wipro
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Syntos
  • HCL Technologies
  • CGI
  • Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
  • GOFRUGAL Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Fabsys Technologies Private Limited
  • Newt Global
  • Fabhost Web Solution
  • Auromine Solutions Private Limited
  • Neptune Financial Software
  • FinaTel Technologies
  • Talent Wagon
  • Techpoint
  • Sabre Corporation
  • Excelian
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co
  • Teamployer
  • Bizlog



  • Software developers
  • Web/ UI Developers
  • Software Tester
  • Freshers who are willing to take java as their career
  • Java is already used by most of the top industries across various business verticals.
  • Java programmers have a bright future & having more job opportunities in MNC’s.
  • They are having jobs with the high salaries offered to them after gaining certain years of experience.
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