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Troy Infotech is an eminent company in the field of training services providing the best Microstrategy Training in Chennai. One can able to gain practical knowledge through live project training and in-depth knowledge of various modules and concepts of Microstrategy Training in Chennai ranging from basic to advanced level at Troy Infotech. We offer theoretical and practical sessions to learn how to deal with the difficulties they may face when they enter the reality of the IT sector.


Microstrategy Training in Chennai is organized by Troy Infotech. Troy Infotech is a leading Industrial training institute in Chennai. We provide excellent learning environment for our Microstrategy course at an affordable price. Our best Microstrategy training institute in Chennai offers the best technical IT training for Java Frameworks. We provide basic and advanced level Microstrategy Training Course in Chennai with proper practical knowledge for the students. At Troy Infotech, Microstrategy Training is offered by industry experts having 10 Yrs. of experience in Java field.


Every year, we train thousands of students around the world in Microstrategy based on the needs and requirements of each and everyone. We provide Microstrategy training in Chennai with placement assistance for all which helps trainees to get placed in top companies worldwide. We Organize sessions on all weekdays of the day and special session can also be scheduled on weekends. We also offer accelerated training programs for students and professionals who want to upgrade immediately.


The course curriculum for Microstrategy has been designed by technology experts which instigates professionalism among trainees which they can apply in their chosen field of work. Our course content includes An introduction to BI, Introduction Of BI tools, Advance Features, Experts Features And Administration, Prompt, Information delivery with Reporting Services, Aggregating data with Analysis Services, Developing a business intelligence strategy, Microstrategy on real time projects along with Microstrategy placement training.

Course Description

MicroStrategy is an enterprise BI (business intelligence) application software vendor. The MicroStrategy platform supports interactive dashboards, ad hoc query, scorecards, highly formatted reports, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution. The interfaces include web, desktop and Microsoft Office integration. MicroStrategy Mobile also supports mobile BI.


The MicroStrategy platform uses a single common metadata for streamlined maintenance and consistency. The 64-bit MicroStrategy architecture supports in-memory scans with smart cubes. Metrics and attributes are created once and used in different types of reports. The changes are made in one place and all associated reports are automatically updated. Similarly, security clearances are granted in one place, reducing administration costs.


In addition to their suite of development and administrative tools, MicroStrategy provides a SDK (software developer kit) to customize the application and integrate with other applications.  Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy has completely built its entire integrated product line from the ground up and remains an independent vendor.


Troy Infotech is the renowned training institute providing one of the best Microstrategy Training Course in Chennai. Don’t loose any opportunity that makes you to shine. Join our institute to achieve your career goals.

Course Objective

At the end of this course, you will be familiar & expert with the following learning objectives:

Install and configure Microstrategy.
DWH Basic Concepts.
Understands about dimension Modeling.
Dashboard/Document Creation.
Manage security.
Managing indexes and finding performance bottlenecks.
Automate administrative tasks.
Attributes, Facts, Hierarchy Creation.
Acquiring skills in different caching mechanism supported by Windows Azure.
Metrics, Filters, Prompts and Custom group Creation.
OLAP Services.
Report Validation.
VLDB Settings.
Performance tuning using Profiler, DTA and System monitor.

MicroStrategy Training In Chennai Course Syllabus:

An introduction to BI

  • Business Intelligence
  • OLAP


Introduction of BI tools

  • Database Overview
  • Introduction Of Microstrategy
  • Microstrategy Architecture
  • Microstrategy Desktop
  • Microstrategy Web
  • Microstrategy Servers
  • Administration
  • Folder Structure
  • My Personal Objects
  • Public Object
  • Schema Object
  • Metadata
  • Report View
  • Data – Export
  • AutoStyles
  • Custom Groups
  • Facts
  • Tables
  • Update Schema


Advance Features

  • Project Configuration
  • Attribute Creation
  • Metric Creation
  • Drill Map
  • Templates
  • Prompt
  • Filter
  • Administration Facts
  • Creation Of Reports
  • Grid Report
  • Analyzing Data
  • Transformations
  • Hierarchies
  • Data Explorer
  • Adhoc Report
  • Report Creation on Web
  • Searches
  • Documents
  • Joins


Experts Features and Administration

  • Project
  • Installation
  • Intelligence Server
  • User Creation
  • User Privilege
  • Security Implementation
  • Object manger
  • Command Manager
  • Formatting Report
  • Understanding Requirement
  • Performance Improvement
  • SQL Creation
  • Challenges in Report
  • Administrative Configurations



  • Filter
  • Administration Facts
  • Creation Of Reports
  • Grid Report
  • Analysing Data
  • Transformations
  • Hierarchies
  • Data Explorer
  • Adhoc Report
  • Report Creation on Web
  • Searches
  • Documents
  • Joins


Information delivery with Reporting Services

  • Designing reports quickly with the Report Builder
  • Deploying reports for centralized access


Aggregating data with Analysis Services

  • Building multidimensional cubes
  • Predicting trends with data mining


Developing a business intelligence strategy

  • Leveraging SharePoint, PowerPivot and Excel
  • Transferring data into knowledge with BI functionality


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the MicroStrategy Training Course?

The following can attend this MicroStrategy course:


  • Analytics managers
  • Project managers
  • Business Developers
  • Developers
  • Students and Fresher’s with Programming knowledge

Why this Course?

  • Microstrategy’s data visualization tool is one of the most versatile business intelligence tool that can run across a wide range of platforms and across a wide range of data sources. This makes it one of the most popular tools deployed in companies from all sectors.
  • Analytics Market and Global Business Intelligence will attain a good reach in futute.
  • Senior Microstrategy Developer are earning more in this field.
  • Upon completion of the training you will be able to apply for jobs with a good pay scale.

What you will learn?

You will learn & become expert in the following concepts:


  • Install and configure Microstrategy
  • DWH Basic Concepts
  • Understands about dimension Modeling
  • Dashboard/Document Creation.
  • Manage security.
  • Managing indexes and finding performance bottlenecks
  • Automate administrative tasks.
  • Attributes, Facts, Hierarchy Creation
  • Metrics, Filters, Prompts and Custom group Creation
  • OLAP Services
  • Report Validation
  • VLDB Settings
  • Performance tuning using Profiler, DTA and System monitor

What are the Career Opportunities available in MicroStrategy?

The following are the job opportunities you will get:


  • Lead – Microstrategy
  • Microstrategy Architect
  • Senior Microstrategy Developer
  • Microstrategy Admin
  • Microstrategy Developer
  • BI Data Specialist-Microstrategy

What Are The Pre-Requisites For Learning the Microsoft Azure Course?

There are no Prerequisites for this Microstrategy Course training.

TROY Course Duration For MicroStrategy Training In Chennai

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

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